Kylie Jenner A$AP Rocky Dating Now?


The famous sexy fasion model Kylie Jenner let everyone know that she was over and done with rapper Tyga. She even did it all on his birthday. Kylie may have moved on relatively quickly because she might be dating A$AP Rocky already!

kylie jenner asap rocky

Credit: TMZ

Just because Kylie Jenner missed Tyga’s party at a club, doesn’t mean she wasn’t at one. According to my source at TMZ, Kylie Jenner was recently spotted at a club with A$AP Rocky and Justin Bieber. They were apparently all hanging out at The Nice Guy and supposedly she hooked up with A$AP. Kylie broke up with Tyga and moved on really quick!

Will she get with A$AP and forget about Tyga altogether? I really don’t know where this is going or if it’s related to some payback efforts for something Tyga may have done to Kylie. What I can say is that Kylie Jenner can most definitely hook up with anyone she wants. I’d really like to see her join a fuck book dating site, but there’s a good chance she has no problem getting anyone to bang her, even A$AP Rocky.

Why Is Kylie Getting So Much Exposure?

I’ve been trying to figure out why Kylie Jenner has been getting so much exposure lately. Other than the fact that Kylie is the hottest Victoria’s Secret fashion model on the planet. She’s also the sexy younger sister of Kim Kardashian, the girl with the most famous ass in America! Not only that but her other sister is Khloe Kardashian and she’s been in the spotlight lately for her husband Lamar Odom and his partying antics that put him in a life-threatening situation.

Should Kylie Stay Single?

Should Kylie stop focusing on her dating life and instead stay single for a period of time? I’d personally have to say yes! It would be in Kylie’s best interest to try and stay single for as long as possible. She doesn’t need someone to help push her career and she doesn’t need money. What she does need is to just focus on Kylie to keep things going in the right direction. In the meantime, if she wants to get some dick, she can find it online!

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Break Up Confirmed!


Okay, I’m not sure if you know this about me or not, but I’m a huge Kardashian fan. I mean enormous! No it’s not because I think their lives are so interesting, but it’s because I want to bang all the Kardashian girls! One person that won’t be banging a Kardashian anytime soon is Tyga. Kylie Jenner and Tyga split up and you won’t believe why it happened! Keep reading below for more details.

kylie jenner tyga breakup

Kylie and Tyga Split is Official!

Tyga and Kylie Jenner Call It Quits

It was famous rapper Tyga’s birthday the other day. He threw an insane party to celebrate turning 26 years old. Everyone was there to show their support to Tyga and wish him a wonderful birthday. Folks like, Leonardo DiCaprio, A$AP, Wiz Khalifa and many more were seen at the party hanging out and partying. Here’s the kicker, Kylie Jenner was nowhere to be found! According to E! News, not a single Kardashian attended the birthday party. After further investigating, I’m able to confirm that the sexy Kylie Jenner has broken up with Tyga and she even decided to call it quits on his birthday!

It’s possible that there was some animosity between Tyga and the Kardashian sisters. Kylie’s mom supposedly felt that Kylie’s career was more important than Tyga’s and she needed to focus on that and herself versus being mixed up with Tyga. There’s also talk that Kendall Jenner was not all that happy with Tyga for some reason. She went as far as posting a middle finger on her Instagram even. I’m not sure what that actually shows him or the world. Who cares though! I’m just glad they broke up.

kendall jenner instagram

Credit: Instagram @KendallJenner

All I can say is that I’m so happy Kylie broke up with Tyga! That only means one thing and that she’ll eventually be back on the dating scene looking for someone to hookup with. If I had the chance to have sex with Kylie Jenner I would most definitely do it! She’s one of the hotter Kardashian sisters and is going to be in the spotlight for quite a while I imagine. If I were Kylie, I’d join as many casual sex sites as possible in an attempt to just bang all day erry day!

Use Netflix and Chill To Get You Laid


For quite some time now I’ve been using this little tactic in order to get and it involves both Netflix and for more proper terminology, spending time with someone. Now, this tactic is pretty much a proven winner if you’re trying to get lucky with a girl you’ve recently met on any of the sex date sites that exist out there. I typically use the “Netflix and chill” line at least once or twice a week and low and behold it works.  But before I get into how I go about using it, let me explain it a bit more.

netflix chill meme

Does Netflix and Chill Actually Work?

For those of you that may not know what the term, “Netflix and Chill” means, I’m going to share it with you. According to the site, PopSugar, the saying, “watch netflix and chill” became popular recently and it’s basically code that primarily guys would use in order to get a girl to come over there house. The objective was to get a cute girl back to their house or apartment, put on Netflix and hook up during a show. This is pretty typical but never had a proper name until recent. Now it seems like Netflix is code for banging and it sure as hell works well! Don’t take my word for it though. Instead, I’d suggest you try it out yourself to see just how effective it really can be. Here’s how I use it…

netflix and chill

Since I tend to use more than most dating sites, I’ll share with you exactly what I do in order to get laid using this code. First off, it’s a well-known fact that this code works best during the work week. That’s because many people want to make the best of their weekend and actually venture out on the town versus head to someone’s house for some fun on a Friday or Saturday night. That said, I’d suggest you start using this approach on Monday. What I first typically do is begin messaging or starting a chat conversation with some of the girls on the site and begin to flirt online with each one of them. I would wait until we were deep into a conversation before making the move to ask her to hang out. Once the timing is right, I’ll then casually ask the girl if she wants to come over to watch Netflix and chill. Most girls either know what that means or they don’t and they are soon to find out once they arrive!

It’s really that simple. Now, since it’s only Wednesday, you have time to try out this tactic. I suggest you get out there and try to get laid using this approach.

netflix meme

Charlie Sheen Announces He’s HIV Positive on Today Show


Could it really be true? Is Charlie Sheen really HIV positive and if so, how did he get it? Two and a Half Men actor, Charlie Sheen met with Matt Lauer this morning on the Today Show and he’s announced his status live on the air. Want to know what Charlie Sheen had to say? I suggest you keep reading then.

charlie sheen hiv positive

Charlie Sheen HIV Positive

I was watching the news after spending an hour at the gym this morning doing cardio and trying to get lean and fit. Now, if you didn’t know, I’m a huge Charlie Sheen fan. He’s done things that most guys dream about doing and he lives a lifestyle that so many bachelors would literally give up their own lives to live. Now, it seems like it’s possible that Charlie’s reckless behavior may have caught up with him. Charlie announced to Matt Lauer on the Today Show that he, in fact, does have the HIV virus.

I’m not writing this because my views on using casual dating sites like Fuckbook have changed. In fact, nothing at all has changed one bit. I still believe in using casual dating networks to find people to hook up with. What’s important though is the use of protection. I’m a big advocate of protecting yourself as well as others that you have sex with and it goes without saying that you need to be cautious when being sexually active with multiple partners. Now that said, the good news is that no one wants to contract the HIV virus and most people on these dating sites are extra cautious. In fact, they may be even more cautious than someone that you might meet at a bar or out on the town.

Now, the most important thing for Charlie Sheen to do to stay positive and keep searching for a cure to stay healthy. What we all need to learn from this whole statement is that life does go on even after you’ve contracted the HIV virus and most importantly, it’s extremely important that everyone work together to protect themselves and keep healthy! Charlie is no longer the coke snorting, sex machine. Instead, he’s an advocate for protecting yourself and not leading a reckless life.

How To Flirt Online Using A Dating Site


If you’re not flirting, then you’re not getting laid. Simple as that really. So, I guess it makes sense to flirt with other members to get noticed. It’s not difficult at all. In fact, it is really, really easy. Here are a few tactics I suggest if you do if you want to increase your chances of getting lucky. You need to know how to flirt online!

flirt online

Online Flirting Guidance

Avatar & Bio
First things first, you’ve got to have an interesting profile avatar and a clever bio. If you fail here you’re over and done with. So be sure to get your profile established and complete like a boss.

Search Strategically
Don’t just go flirting with everyone you see on the site. Instead, do so strategically and you’ll make more progress. Choose to flirt with interesting people and especially those that have put effort in areas that you have such as those mentioned above.

Send Winks, Emojis
When you find someone you like or would like to get to know. Begin searching for a few fun emoji’s to send them. Drop a one liner or two just to get the conversation started letting them know you’re around. Something like a smiley face or funny emoji is fine.

Heart or  Like Them
If there’s a way to save, heart or like someone, then I’d suggest that you take the steps to do so. Some sex dating sites will even notify the user if they get liked or Favorited. This will make you seem more genuine so don’t ask questions, just do it.

Choose Your Words Wisely
First touches mean the world. Be sure to think before you do or send anything at all to your potential hook up partner. If you’re getting absolutely trashed then i’d suggest not doing any first time flirting online. It’s going to cause the other person to run once they hear something they don’t like.

One At A Time
If you’re literally chatting and flirting with a bunch of people, it’s going to be difficult to keep up with all the conversations. Stick to doing so one at a time and you’ll have better results.

Now that you know how to flirt, you need to find someone to flirt with! If you’re still looking for a great casual sex site then read my fuckbook review and you’ll soon see why I joined!

Online Dating Rules For Married Cheaters


Some people are looking for sex from someone other than the individual they are married too. You guessed it, they are strategically cheating on their significant other and it’s quite acceptable in the wonderful world of affair dating. However, there are rules when it comes to this type of dating. Whether your joining the best hook up dating site, also known as Fuckbook, or you’re joining a site that’s geared towards connecting married cheaters, you need to know the following rules before you begin your quest of finding a local sex partner.

Married Cheaters Rules

Affair Dating Rules You Must Know

Always Remain Discreet

Remaining discreet like James Bond is the number one rule when it comes to dating married cheaters. If you’re squealing or doing sharing information about someone you know or have gone on a date with, then you’re breaking the ultimate rule. No, this isn’t punishable by death, but it is enough to get you kicked off a website for good. Do yourself a favor and be discreet about who you are banging on the side.

Keep Things Simple

Keep things as simple as possible when it comes to affair dating. You’re looking for sex and that’s it. Don’t over complicate things by falling in love with someone or anything like that. It’s only going to cause problems. Instead, take the hit it and quit it approach to avoid any issues.

Keep Personal Info Personal

Do not and I repeat, do not share any specific private personal information with anyone you meet on the site. There’s a good chance that doing so could wreak havoc on your home life should it be traced all the way back to where you lay your head. Things that you should clearly avoid are revealing pictures of spouses or kids, sharing any information.

Careful Communicating

When you are communicating with your affair dating partner or fuck buddy (whatever you want to call them), I’d suggest being extra careful when communicating with them. If you are cheating, you don’t want to send text messages that could be traced back to you for your partner to find. Instead, use a VoIP system or the in-site messaging system to communicate. Oh and never ever give out your address to anyone. Instead, meet at a neutral location to have sex.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because there’s a good chance your significant other isn’t going to respond like the girl shown below, LOL. Sorry guys, she’s taken.

Affair Dating

If you can abide by these dating rules created by the most successful married cheaters then you should become a member of their pack with no problems what so ever. If you’re looking for a site to join, I’d suggest checking out the homepage where I reveal my most widely used dating site to date.

Kardashian Sisters Want Kourtney To Try Dating Online


The Kardashian’s aren’t always right and they don’t always say the best things. But this time they may have hit the nail on the head when it comes to Kourtney Kardashian’s dating life. They want her to start dating online.

Kourtney Kardashian Online Dating

Credit: Instagram @kourtneykardash

Will Kourtney Kardashian Join A Hook Up Site?

Kourtney Kardashian split up with Scott Disick not too long ago. She’s been spending less time focusing on finding someone to settle down with and more on family and her kids. That’s about to change though. It turns out that according to Inquisitr, Kourtney is ready to get her feet wet and jump back into the dating scene, which hopefully results in getting something else wet for herself!

Her sisters are suggesting that she avoid the common, date friends and people in common approach. Instead, they are recommending that Kourtney Kardashian join an online dating site. The problem is, Kourtney seems to think that online dating is silly and that she rather meet someone unexpectedly.

I think it’s really silly that Kourtney thinks using dating sites isn’t ideal. I honestly think it’s just a way for her to shift the media. After all, if she does join a dating site like Tinder or even Fuckbook, then you better believe that she’s bound to get laid. After hearing this news, you can bet that I’ll be searching for her on my go to site for sure! It’s just one of the perks of using sites to meet people. You can meet and bang famous people like the Kardashian sisters.

She is definitely not the only reality TV star that’s turning to Internet dating sites to find someone to date. In fact, I’ve seen more famous people’s profiles on sites that I used than I can even count. The important thing to remember is that the Kardashian girls are no different than any other attractive girls, other than the fact that they have a lot of money. They like to date and probably like to hook up just like every other sexy girl out there.

Adult Dating Cheat Sheet


This might be the most important dating article you read this week if not today. Do you ever wish that you had a cheat sheet that you could reference or use in preparation for your casual date. So did I! That’s why I created one. This is the essential dating cheat sheet that you need to review in preparation for a meet and fuck or whatever type of date you have lined up.

adult dating cheat sheet

Essential “Go To” Cheat Sheet For Adult Dating

Here’s the essential rundown of everything you need to know or remember when it comes to casual dating. I’d suggest  you bookmark this page (or our home page so you have the whole site bookmarked) and keep it close for future reference!

Choose The Perfect Place

I had to start with the researching the perfect place for your local date. There’s nothing worse than going on a date and having a bad experience because of the location. You must choose wisely, especially if you want to get laid that night. You need to do your homework and determine what your date likes. If you see on her Fuckbook profile that she doesn’t like Mexican food, well, don’t take her for margaritas. It’s a no brainer.

Clean Your House and Car

Nobody wants to have sex with a slob. If your house is a pig pen and so is your car, then it’s a direct reflection on the way you carry yourself. Old grubby things and untidiness is a surefire way to not get laid. Do yourself a favor and clean it up!

Don’t Forget The Details

When you’re out on your date, you must take care to recognize her details. That means to comment on her beauty and notice things about her (without being too creepy). You also need to act like a gentlemen with her. Remember to open doors and let her order first. You have to always remember that it’s not about you here. It’s all about her.

Keep It Unique

Always remember to keep it unique. Your date has been to more than enough bars and restaurants. More than she can even count on her hand. I’d highly suggest finding a unique spot to meet up for your date. It’ll make the occasion that much more memorable.

Toast During The Date

If you’re drinking, then you must toast and don’t toast to something cheesy or long term sounding either. Instead, make it spontaneous sounding and authentic. Use your best judgement when decided what to cheers about. “Here’s to a nice night” always seems to work if you get stuck in a rut.

Ask Questions

Remember to ask questions about your date and take a true interest in her likes and dislikes. If you do, she’ll be more inclined to open up to you and hopefully open her legs up as well. Just be sure to not ask about her past relationships or anything relationship related period.

Don’t Eat or Drink Too Much

What happens when you over indulge? Right, you get sluggish and tired. You’re objective is not to get full and pass out drunk. It’s to get laid. That said, be sure not to eat or drink too much or you’ll surely not get lucky.  In fact, women hate it when men over eat and drink. They think it’s disgusting so I’m serious, do not over do it. Focus on the sex instead.

Kiss and More

If you want to get your D wet then you need to start with a kiss. Your number one objective is to get a kiss because that’s where it all starts. If you can do so before the end of the date, even better! That means you’re even more likely to get laid if so.

Look In Her Eyes

Stop looking at her boobs and look into her eyes instead. It’s far more attractive to a woman if you really gaze into her eyes rather than looking her up and down. This is because it makes her feel more comfortable and far sexier.

That’s the cheat sheet I’ve put together for you. If you have any questions or concerns please send me a message and I’ll address it. If you think I’ve left anything essential off the list, let me know and I’ll add it! Thanks!